• The aggregate of qualities, as valor and virtue, making up good character
  • Excellence of any kind


We believe that every child has the potential to achieve excellence.

Our goal is to provide

  • The spark and resources to learn in a fun and exciting way
  • More hours of learning time throughout the entire year
  • Experiences which cannot be provided during regular school hours
  • Opportunities to augment the school experiences
  • A holistic approach that centers on the child


Areté Education is driving success at our flagship partner school, M.S./H.S. 223 The Laboratory School of Finance and Technology. We also partner with schools in Mott Haven, Washington Heights, BedStuy, and Brownsville.

students live in School District 7, part of the poorest congressional district in the U.S.

of all Areté Education students live under the povery line.

students are on track to graduate in four years. The District 7 average is 54%.


Finding and igniting a passion is what education is about.
Help us to continue to present enriching experiences.