We train and empower youth to lead successful lives.


Areté Education partners with local schools and community groups to grow investment in Mott Haven youth. We design afterschool and summer programming that expose youth to diverse career pathways; build academic, wellness, and leadership skills; and expand access to the arts and culture.


What we mean when we say…

Arete’s position is that youth are capable of finding their own talents and developing themselves when they are given access to mentors, hands-on learning experiences, and diverse pathways for self-cultivation that include the arts and culture, academics, wellness, leadership, and service. Arete seeks to enable youth to bring out the very best in themselves.
Arete’s partners with community groups, New York businesses, universities, and governmental organizations to offer youth internship, job placement, and career mentoring experiences that provide technical, communication, problem-solving, public speaking, and other essential workplace skills that will allow Mott Haven youth to be competitive for quality jobs and successful careers.
Arete believes that helping youth to succeed in all aspects of life is the highest level of service and impact we can make to the Mott Haven community. Our programming supports youth to cultivate themselves in the areas of effectiveness, wellbeing, relationships, and quality of life.
Arete was born through partnership with the Laboratory School of Finance and Technology, a traditional public school in Mott Haven with a service and justice mission to provide youth in the neighborhood with access to the highest caliber education for middle and high school. Arete extends this legacy to work closely with schools and community groups in Mott Haven to create dynamic and responsive partnerships and programming that empower youth in the neighborhood to be successful during their schooling years and beyond.
Arete is committed to directing more financial and human resources toward youth development in the Mott Haven community. Specifically through targeting area businesses and foundation support, we aim to grow investment in the youth we serve that significantly augments what the city, state, and federal government provides for youth development in Mott Haven.
Arete seeks funding from foundations, private donors, corporations, and governmental agencies to provide diverse career options to youth when they enter middle school and create opportunities for youth to receive mentoring in multiple career clusters throughout their middle and high school years.
Arete seeks from foundations and governmental agencies to enhance and expand students’ academic opportunities during the school day and school year through an extended learning time model for youth. Wellness skills center on emotional intelligence, mindfulness, health, and fitness, and Arete leverages its staff to gain foundation, private donor, and governmental funds to provide year-round wellness skill development during afterschool and summer programming as well as professional development for school staff. Youth leadership skills are at the heart of all Arete programming that span internships, career exploration, service-learning, and project-based learning experiences for our youth.
Arete was founded with the vision of getting youth in Mott Haven to venture outside the neighborhood and gain exposure to diverse arts and cultural experiences offered across New York City. Arete engages foundation, governmental agency, and private donor funding to support field trips to arts performances and cultural institutions, artist residency experiences, performing and visual arts enrichment clubs, and musical training in vocals and instruments.


Areté Education is thriving, but the best is yet to come! We have a vision for this program -- to offer even stronger, smarter, and more enriching experiences that propel our students to succeed. We're ready for the future of Ignite Learning -- help us get there.