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Journaling in Self-Care Club

"Journaling has made me even happier than usual. I journal whenever I have time, in between my homework breaks, when I feel like getting things off my chest, or just any random time I have my journal near me. I journal because I want to expose any patterns that may appear throughout my life. For example, when I have journaled for awhile I will be able to read over any patterns that caused me to feel a certain throughout the day. Even further, journaling helps me keep track of my thoughts. Sometimes I have a bunch of things going on in my head and its hard to keep track of everything and writing it down is a great way to cleanse your mind. As a teenager, we experience lots of ups and downs, emotionally, and journaling is a great way to balance your mental health. All in all, journaling is a good way to put all the micro details from your day on to paper, and helps to formulate your thoughts in a coherent matter that makes you understand why you feel a certain way. Bottom line, I recommend journaling for whenever, you feel sad, happy, excited, passionate, etc. JUST PUT IT ON PAPER! "

- Genesis

 - 01/17/2020 - Fiona Zheng

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