Student Reporting - Harriet Trip

The Harriet trip was a nice experience and the movie was very nice and interesting. The movie was very creative and historically accurate with a lot of plot twists and turns. The free food added more fun to the experience and helped make the movie better than it already was. The trip was fun and quick since the theater was close and we had a fun time getting our food and taking pictures in the food area. When we were in the theater, the movie was the only thing that really caught my attention since the movie was very unique and different then what I expected. The movie was based on accurate historical information and real life events. The actors who played the roles in the movie did a good job at what they did embodying the roles of their character and making it an engaging experience for the audience.  As a whole the trip to and from the theater was good and the movie and food were great. I had a good experience.

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