Student Reporting - Harriet Trip

 Our good friends at Arete have given me the experience of watching one of the best movies I have seen, Harriet. I am going to talk about my experience & why I liked watching the Harriet movie. The first thing that I liked about the Harriet movie trip is that the movie was realistic & informational. It gave me lots of information about Harriet, like she traveled 100 miles to get her freedom, & more. Another thing I liked about it is that is was very inspirational because it showed parts where Harriet defied the odds & managed to rescue more & more slaves. One example is that when Harriet & the 9 slaves reached the river, one of the slaves decided to leave, but Harriet believed that they could cross & they managed to cross the river, against all odds. And that is it. The experience was sweet & satisfying & I would recommend the movie to more of the friends. Thank you, Arete & MS223.  

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